Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Review: Benefit H20 'Hello Flawless' Foundation.

Welcome to my favourite ever foundation. Bold statement, yes? A very true statement too.

'Hello Flawless' was the first (and currently only) liquid foundation by Benefit. It was also the first item from their Hello Flawless range, and it has now been joined by the Hello Flawless pressed powder and primer and was released in the UK last March.

I actually got my first bottle when I was in New York, the week before it was released in the UK. Prior to this I was using a M.A.C. Studio Fix. Unfortunately, it wasn't love, I think it oxidises too much and left me orange.

However, this foundation, oxidises very little (it's not even noticeable) and is fabulous. It's water based which is good for my combination skin, and irritate it at all.

I wear the 'I'm so Money' Honey colour, it's about the middle of the range. Sometimes I don't even need to use concealer with it which is great.

 The staying power of this is great too. I have a horrible habit of sitting with my head rested on my hand which obviously rubs my make up off, but this foundation seems to last. I also have a tendency to not check my make up all day, so it's nice to know that I still have some coverage when I've been rushing around all day.

I also love that this has an SPF of 25 in it. I know as I've gone through my teenage years Ive not thought about protecting my skin, and I know I've got sun damage, especially under my eyes so it's nice to know that I'm protected without having to think about it. It's important to protect your skin!

The best part is probably the fact that you get a tester size of 'The Porefessional' primer which minimises the appearance of pores. It's another Benefit product that I love so it's nice to get a small sample of it.

I buy this from Boots (I've repurchased at least 5 times) for £25.50. You can also buy it straight from the Benefit site here!

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