Thursday, 15 August 2013

A-Level Results Day

Hi all!

So, I know it's that time of year again: you finally have your exam results, you may or may not have achieved what you had hoped, you might even be on your way to Uni.

First off- if you didn't get the grades you wanted DO NOT PANIC. Or worry. Or assume you're just terrible at all things academic. It's not the end of the world. There are re-sits, apprenticeships, jobs, foundations years. All is not lost.

Take my group of best friends:

Example A- One of my Friends decided to do a foundation year first to see if she actually wanted to go to Uni. She loved it and starts at Uni in September.

Example B- Another Friend does drama, she is absolutely amazing at it. However, she was so busy with everything else she got low marks in her A-Level drama performance (crazy, she had never ever got low grades before) and she didn't get into the drama school she wanted to. Instead she went to Uni in a city near us, loves it and has just moved into her first house for second year.

Example C- A third Friend maintained she didn't want to go to Uni. 2 days after the UCAS deadline passed she decided she did, but she didn't want to go through clearing and risk getting non-ensuite accommodation (which is nowhere near as bad as people assume). So she waited a year and applied and got into the same University I go to. During this year she got 2 jobs at pubs in the area and realised that she loved it. Now she isn't going to Uni and is going to hopefully do courses which means she can manage/ own her own bar/ pub.

Example D- A fourth Friend carried on at the Senior School we all went to at the 6th Form with us. She didn't like it so started again at College the following September. She didn't get into Uni this year but is determined to try again next year, is looking for a job for the year and is currently volunteering in order to gain some experience to put on her CV.

Example E- (final one, I promise!) A fourth friend decided she wanted to do creative writing, in all honesty I have no clue why she decided she wanted to do creative writing, just one day I know her UCAS form was handed in and she was waiting to see if she was trotting off to London to study Creative Writing. (Yes, she left me and went all the way to London while I was going up North, how dare she!). Now, she claims it was the best decision she has ever made in her life, and she absolutely loves it.

I personally uhm-ed and ahh-ed over which Uni I wanted to go to. I first decided I wanted to go down south, then realised I never wanted to go south at all. I wanted to be close-ish to home and chose one uni that is 2 hours north from me and another that is 1.5 hours south-west from me for my final two options. I ended up at the one 2 hours north, and am so happy there. I also have family and family friends less than an hour from uni, which is reassuring in case I need them,

My point here is that we're all different, and different thing work for different people. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, all I knew was that I wanted to do law eventually, but I also wanted a degree in a non-related subject first. At A-Level I studied English Language, English Literature and Law, so you can see that my choices were somewhat limited. Thankfully I love English and chose to study English Language and Literature. I got into my first choice University even though I thought I had messed up my exams and didn't quite get the grades I would have liked. I then got the accommodation I wanted and I love my University. I volunteer at the Students Union and I couldn't ask for a better University.

I think it needs to be noted that I didn't get the grades I would have liked (in one subject), but I did get the grades to get into my first choice uni. I think sometimes we're too hard on ourselves, and you've done well for even thinking about going to College/ 6th form, never mind actually studying A-Levels and applying to Uni.

I've listed some really great websites for any advice of queries you might have. Also remember to talk to friends, family and teachers! It's what they're there for, and the can really help.

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