Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: Origins' 'Zero Oil'

This is just a quick review today! I was wandering around The Cosmetics Store in my local Designer Outlet the other day and I came across Origins' Zero Oil. 

Now, I've looked at this product a few times, and I've picked it up a few times too. But each time I've always put it back assuming it wouldn't do anything then regretted it immediately afterwards. I was quite wrong...

I got this a little bit cheaper than it's RRP, the shop I got it from sells (I think) batch ends and products when the packaging isn't quite right. However, it's normally £13 for 18ml. Which sounds pricey but this is to be used so, so sparingly. 

I have fairly good skin, but it is combination skin so I generally get a bit oily around my nose which I am very self-conscious of. I wear glasses most of the time (because I can't be bothered taking them on and off, I sometimes wish those chains on the glasses arms that librarians always seem to have were fashionable) so I feel that the attention is brought to my nose area.

When it originally comes out of the box it has a clear-ish liquid inside with a white layer a the bottom of the bottle. It needs mixing really well in order to mix all the ingredients. This took my a good few minutes at first use. 

Now I wasn't expecting the liquid to be so liquid-y (I know, it sounds silly) but it is just like a cloudy water. I first dropped a little bit on the back of my hand to take a picture of it. And it ended up like this...

Not quite what I had hoped for.

I have read other reviews that claimed the product felt gritty when they rubbed it into their skin but I had nothing like that at all, it was just like rubbing a scented water into my face. 

I did try and apply this with my fingers but I would recommend applying it with a cotton wool pad or a sponge. I applied this under my makeup, instead of primer. 

I'm not going to say this is a miracle product because, quite frankly, I don't think it is. However, this doesn't mean that I don;t think it is a good product. It does seem to reduce oiliness on my face for an extra 2-3 hours compared to when I don't use it. And it does last longer than my primer seems to. This means there is less makeup application throughout the day which is always a plus. Also- this didn't irritate my skin or make my skin feel dry or dehydrated which is always a worry with products that claim to reduce oiliness. 

I would recommend this product to anyone who has problems with oily skin and I think when used in conjunction with other products it may well become a wonder product. 

You can find this on the Origins site here. Or you should be able to pick it up at any Origins counter. 

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