Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Everyday Face

Don't you think 'Everyday Face' is such an odd phrase? Surely your bare face is your everyday face...? (Just a quick thought for you all!)

However, this is the combination of products that I use everyday in order to create my normal look. These are the pure basics, products that I use when I'm nipping to meet friends or running errands. When I go for a night out or shopping etc I add extra things in like a primer or eye shadow or bronzer.

Normally I like a basic look, with emphasis on lashings of mascara.

 As you can see I use a range of products including Benefit, Mac, Nars, Urban Decay, 17 and Clinique. My tools of choice are Real Techniques brushes. I'll start from the beginning...

I start with 'Boing' concealer by Benefit in 02 Medium. I've tried the erase paste by Benefit and to be honest, I was not a fan at all. Boing, however, is a completely different story. I originally bought this in New York in March 2012, and think it's fabulous, it has been re-purchased many times. I use it around my eyes and to cover up any pimples.  Unfortunately I come from a family who seem to show very clearly how tired they are around their eyes, but I am hoping my bags fade as I get older (my Sister doesn't have bags under her eyes).

Next I use my trusted 'Hello Flawless' Benefit foundation in Honey. I bought this in New York at the same time as the concealer just before it was released in the UK. It's so great and feels so lightweight on my skin. As you can see, my current bottle looks ready to run out so I may pop up a complete review of it in the next couple of weeks.

I then set this with my MAC sheer/ loose powder in NC5. I've used this since I started applying my make up properly. Although I've tried other products I always come back to this. I love the matte effect it gives yet it reflects the light off my face. The colour is meant to be 'transparent'.

After this I brighten my face with my beloved NARS blusher, 'Gilda'. I originally bought this after weeks of essays at A-Level and needed something to cheer myself up. I cannot even explain how much I love this blusher, I nearly cried when I hit the pan. It can be put on sheer for a subtle daytime look or layered for a more sophisticated nighttime look. 

Now, I spend more time on my eyes than the rest of my face. I line my bottom lids with my Urban Decay 24/7 waterproof eyeliner in 'Perversion'. I use waterproof because I have a horrible habit of rubbing my eyes and I like my eyeliner to last all day.

I start on my lashes with 'They're Real!' mascara by Benefit. I love this to separate and lengthen my lashes. I then finish with a coat of 'Falsifeye' by 17 to add volume. I think my eyelashes are quite short but since cutting them off twice after eyelash curler disasters I don't like to do much to them.

I finish with my Clinique 'Instant lift for brows' in Medium brown (my natural hair colour). I have only just started shading my eyebrows in so use the darker end very lightly shade in sparse parts of my brow. I don't take it right to the inner ends as the colour is slightly too dark and I end up with the dreaded slug-brows. I then use the highlighter just under the arch of my brow. This is the first brow product I have used and have seen some brow kits I'm interested in.

I use my Real Technique brushes for my everyday face. I use the smallest brush to buff my foundation in, sometimes I use a foundation brush to apply my foundation first. I use the big fluffy brush to apply my MAC powder and the blusher brush for the blusher.

So, there's a run-down of my everyday face. It's a long post but I like to see the products other people use, hopefully you like to see the same!

What products do you swear by? Do you have a favourite foundation?

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