Monday, 1 July 2013

Clean and Lean loving

Since moving to University, it's become all too easy to fall back on quick, simple foods like pasta. Over the months I seemed to acquire the skills to make one huge meal a week and split it into meal size portions. By Easter I was so ready for simple fresh food, rather than the basic salad a couple of times a week when I ran out of my already prepped meal. There are only so many times a week I can eat spaghetti bolognese, right?
In an attempt at motivating and inspiring myself I bought a copy of James Duigan's Clean and Lean Diet book. I figured that something that promised a cleaner and leaner you in 14 days was worth a whole £8 on my measly student budget.
Now, I am not one to be dramatic (slight under exaggeration, sometimes I even surprise myself with my oscar-winning performances!) but this, this book, is the best food-type book I have ever bought. The lessened sugar, the fresh veg, the copious amounts of water, it was everything I had been doing just not all together.
Typical clean and lean meals
So I set out on a journey, one which resulted in some of the most basic, delicious food I have ever made. Steamed fish, curried turkey, scrambled eggs with smoked salmon? Fabulous.
I found that I have so much energy, and I love prepping veg for each meal. I find it so relaxing to just stand and cut up all these colourful foods.
Seriously, who doesn't love scrambled eggs?! And a fancy chicken salad? And a complete, homemade from scratch stir fry? Look at all the colourful veg!
And for those days when I wake up late, and have to rush to get ready for uni (a regular occurrence  beds always feel more comfortable on a morning), a favourite on-the-go breakfast of mine is a smoothie. Fresh fruit all thrown into the blender whilst I do my make up, into a travel tumbler and off it goes to uni with me.
Banana, black grape, kiwi and orange juice smoothie. (Hi Lord Byron in the background)
I ended up loving the book so much that I bought the cookbook. Now I find myself cruising the internet for any other tasty treat ideas. So my coconut flour cookies may have looked more like flat cakes, but they tasted good, well, to me anyway...


  1. That smoked salmon looks amazing D:

  2. Wow! those meals look so fantastic, inspirational and all on astudent budget.